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Content is Key - Part 2 of 2

November 13, 2012

In Content is Key - Part 1 of 2, I discussed the importance of content marketing strategies to attract, acquire and engage consumers by producing good content continuously.  I gave Net-A-Porter as an example of an online fashion retailer doing it really well with a frequently updated and beautifully presented online magazine highlighting product offerings, seasonal trends and exclusive insider interviews.

But good content marketing strategies are not only reserved for online-based businesses.  We are now frequently seeing brick-and-mortar companies conquering this space by using social media platforms or blogs to reach out to consumers.  The blog DKNY PR Girl run by Aliza Licht, Senior VP of Global Communications for Donna Karan, has captivated readers with her smart and witty take on highlighting the brand.  Mixing insights on style and life in NYC with current product offerings, you almost forget she is a Senior VP for Donna Karan!  And it works with over 400,000 followers on Twitter.  

I hope more fashion companies (both on and offline) adopt Ms. Licht's approach to content marketing. It is always amusing for consumers such as myself to read fun and insightful content by people-in-the-know in addition to DKNY PR GIRL proving to be a more than successful communications strategy.

Photo credit: DKNY PR Girl

Inside Emilio de la Morena's Design Studio

November 12, 2012

Last week I visited one of my favorite London Fashion Week catwalk designers Emilio de la Morena's design studio.  Filled with his signature colorful clothing and accessories (and my excitement!), I got a tangible sneak preview into the SS'13 collection.  "I wanted to make SS'13 easy-to-wear," Emilio told me.  Easy-to-wear and impeccably tailored, his collection reminded me of a modern take on Spanish flamenco dancers (see dresses above).  "I felt I wanted to bring back memories from the past," the designer originally from Spain said.  Twirling around in his designs and feeling unapologetically pretty, I am now eagerly awaiting the collection to hit stores and go dance the night away!  Thank you Emilio for showing me your as beautiful as always new collection.

See the full SS'13 collection at and London Fashion Week

Easy Breezy

November 10, 2012

(Raquel Allegra tee, Mason skirt, AllSaints boots, Tom Ford sunglasses)

Today was warmer in London than usual.  I decided to go back to my NYC days and wear a slightly messy look: A long black jersey skirt I bought two summers ago with a ripped off the shoulder tee and chunky knee-high boots.  It's so comfortable! 

A picture is worth 1,000 words

November 9, 2012

A picture is worth 1,000 words.  That is the saying, right?  In order to give you more I've launched MFS on Instagram.  Want to see my favorite piece in my closet from yesterday's post?  Top right corner of first image.   Want a look into British catwalk designer Emilio de la Morena's design studio?  Middle of second image.  Want to see my daily outfits, fashion findings and inspirations?  It's all there and more!   


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