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Talk the Talk Thursdays

November 29, 2012

Talk from me
Which celebrities do you find stylish?
I really like the styles of Nicole Richie, Victoria Beckham, Leighton Meester (not Blair Waldorf), Olivia Palermo, Rachel Bilson and obviously SJP.  I am constantly googleing (is that an official verb yet?) them to see new outfits.  

What did you learn today?
I actually just came across a US-based study revealing "80% of smartphone owners shop on their device."  Think about that impact on this past Cyber Monday sales.  See full article here.

Talk from you
"I thought this super subtle sheer hem was so chic." - The Sartorialist

"As you can probably guess I am an avid reader of MANY food blogs. I love them! And right now most of my favorite food bloggers are posting about healthy recipes ... But me, well, I just want to bake cinnamon rolls." - A Beautiful Mess

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Nails by Alex at Neville Hair & Beauty, London

Talk the Talk Thursdays

November 22, 2012

(rag & bone sweater and headband, Ray-Ban sunglasses)

Talk from me 

What is your favorite restaurant in London?
London has all the major restaurants like Nobu, Zuma and Hakkasan.  While these are good my favorite is actually a small, rustic French restaurant in Pimlico called La Poule au Pot.  The food is great and the ambiance is even better - so warm and cozy!  

Your hair looks so long and healthy.  What is your secret?
Aw, thanks! Trust me it wasn't always this healthy and I tend to color my hair a lot.  I actually have curly hair and used to straighten it everyday.  But nowadays I try to not touch my hair with any hot tools every other day.  This in combination with a really good shampoo and conditioner (I use Fresh products) and a bit of Argan oil on the ends has shown a huge difference. 

Talk from you

"Yesterday I bundled up the little cookie and headed into Covent Garden to Dust PR's press day where the lovely ladies were showing the SS13 collections for some of my favourite brands – WildfoxRebecca Minkoff (accessories), BarbourFalke and Irregular Choice (shoes)." - STYLONYLON

"I'm so excited to see the family and have some amazing food (especially pie!) this Thursday for Thanksgiving. For this special occasion I have purposely put together this outfit. I found this shirt in my sister's closet, loved it, and just had to wear it!  The deeper colors of this floral top make it an easy transition into Fall." - The Urban Lioness

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Designer Spotlight: Lady Grey

November 19, 2012

New York-based Lady Grey is one if not my favorite upcoming jewelry line.  And I swear I am not biased by having met the line's ultra-sweet designer and co-founder Jill Martinelli.  The jewelry speaks for itself.  I find fascinating the balance between hardness and femininity in each piece.  This duality in design is probably due to the fact that Jill and her design partner/co-founder Sabine Le Guyader both have degrees in metalworking.  How cool is that!  Above are my favorite pieces from their Darklands FW'12 collection available at Elizabeth Charles and Lady Grey online

I sat down with Jill to discuss Lady Grey as well as her style inspirations and learnings as a designer.

Tell me about the line Lady Grey.
The line is named after Lady Jane Grey with whom we found inspiration from her doomed story as the short-lived Queen of England from July 10-19, 1553 ("The Nine Days' Queen"). After graduating from school, Sabine and I decided to create a line together that combined a fashion-forward approach to jewelry with our conceptual ideas about adornment.

Who are your style icons? 
Crystal Gayle and Lizzy Mercier Descloux.

What skill do you believe is necessary for success as a designer?
Perfectionism, but let yourself get a little weird once in a while.  Don't take yourself too seriously.

Photo credit: Lady Grey

Talk the Talk Thursdays

November 15, 2012

(Maje sweater, Kimberly Ovitz dress, Alexander McQueen clutch, Tom Ford sunglasses)

Talk from me
Who is your favorite designer?
I have to say Chanel.  Everything I own from Chanel I wear no matter the season or year.  The craftsmanship, design and tailoring of each ready-to-wear piece or accessory is exquisite and I know I will pass down my pieces as they are truly timeless.  I also do love Rag & Bone and can wear any of the pieces from their collections!

What camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D3100 14MP DSLR camera for my own personal photography and I work with photographer Shariq Siddiqui on most photo shoots. 

Talk from you

"It's party season! The only time of year when you can wear sparkles obsessively and not be judged!" - Behold This Beauty

"I ended up carrying Charlotte Olympia's signature Pandora Perspex clutch box, with its intricate enamel and crystal spider clasp..." - Liberty London Girl

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Photo credit: Shariq Siddiqui Photography

Talk the Talk Thursdays: Introduction

November 8, 2012

(Sherry Cassin fur vest, Maje sweater, Rag & Bone jeans, Christian Louboutin shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses)

I am introducing "Talk the Talk Thursdays" where I will answer a mouthful of questions from readers and also get to know you all better by sharing your fashion and style insights.  So in addition to sending questions you would like me to answer, let me know what you are talking about these days as relates to style, trends and fashion business.  I received so many great questions already:

Why did you decide to start a fashion blog?
I decided to start a fashion blog first off because many people encouraged me to do so for some time!  I have always had a love for fashion and with my career in the luxury goods industry and recent graduation from business school it was the perfect time to start.  I want to address a niche with my blog in exploring the world of style with luxury fashion business learnings here and there.  

What luxury career experiences do you have and what do you do?
I worked for Cartier in NYC and I did Marketing/PR.  I also worked for London Fashion Week and currently am Marketing Manager for a top luxury brand.

What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe right now?
A FW '12 dress by Sally LaPointe I bought this summer in NYC at the boutique Curve.  It is a structured nude-colored with black lace overlay cocktail dress with a slight slit exposing the upper waist.  See on Twitter and Instagram!

Hope you enjoyed and now it's your turn!  Please send your questions and/or what stylish things you are talking about to with the subject line "Talk the Talk."  Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing your "talk" in the next post!

Photo credit: Shariq Siddiqui Photography

Designer Spotlight & Exclusive Interview: Meera Sharma

November 2, 2012

London-based designer Meera Sharma's debut collection, titled Femme Fatale, is inspired by the female superhero: sexy, strong and powerful.  To Meera she is the "ultimate" woman and much like the women she designs for.  I recently came across Meera and instantly loved her strong point-of-view and creative use of materials.  

I had the chance to interview the emerging designer:

How did you decide to become a fashion designer?
I have always been fascinated by fashion from a young age, be it observing what people are wearing or designing clothes for my Barbie dolls so it was a natural progression. It's great to be able to show my viewpoint on fashion to other people via my designs. 

What business advice would you give other designers or entrepreneurs wanting to start their own lines?
Make sure you understand business, read up on it or ask someone for advice as you need to understand about costings. At the end of the day you want to be able to know how to keep costs down to increase profit margins. Starting your own line is not an easy thing and you do need to have funding of some sort so make sure you are ready for setbacks as it is a difficult industry to get into!

What are your three "must-have" pieces this Winter?
Oo three must have pieces I want, that is a difficult one as I go through phases. I really want some trendy, colourful knitwear. I also saw these leggings with faux diamonds on them (they look much nicer than they sound!) that I want. Also maybe a leather skirt? 

As a budding talent, Meera is up for the MUUSEX VOGUE TALENTS YOUNG VISION AWARD 2012.  Vote for Meera here For more on Meera Sharma see her official site here.  

Good luck Meera and can't wait to see more from you! 


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