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Perfect wing tip eye

February 27, 2013

I’m really into the wing tip eye these days.  It’s not a new look by any means but one that has been a consistent beauty trend over time and that I have seen all over the AW13 runways. For me, the key to success to achieve the perfect wing tip eye is all in the choice of liquid eyeliner. YSL’s Shocking False Lash Effect Eyeliner is my choice!  A great guide below I found on how to use this wonderful bold felt-tip pen to achieve this look easily and with perfection time and time again.    

Photo credit: Shariq Siddiqui Photography & Pinterest

Closet clean up

February 5, 2013

So this is my closet, well, ... my dream closet.  But I did come up with a new idea on how to update my closet to someday look like this one.  It was 7:30am last week and not thinking my best, I rummaged through a pile of clothes on the floor trying to get dressed for work.  "Ah, I don't have anything to wear!" Can you relate to my moment of frustration: Too many clothes and none that you like?  

I started thinking what can I do practically to solve this problem without going out and buying a new wardrobe.  I decided to choose one piece in my closet each week that I have not worn for at least 6 months and create an outfit using it.  Doesn't sound very hard right?  If you can make an outfit with the piece and comfortably wear it the entire day without second guessing it, keep it in your wardrobe otherwise toss it!  Has proven to be an easy and pain-free way to slowly clean out my closet and find the pieces I actually enjoy wearing.  I can tell you one piece is already out the door!  Let's just hope that I don't replace it anytime soon.


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