Google+ Trend: Mini bags craze

Trend: Mini bags craze

March 8, 2013


The best of the mini bag craze!  Don't be fooled from the images - all the above bags are teeny-tiny compared to their standard tote-sized counterparts.  So, a tote as a mini bag?  I had my reservations as I like a big bag for the daytime.  It's not even that I carry around a lot of things, but I like the option!  So how do I wear this mini bag, day or night?  Out to dinner, to work, to go shopping, etc?  I have found they work and look best when you are walking around casually over the weekend as a pure statement piece.  Almost all have a long enough strap to go cross-body or at least long one shoulder.  Easy to wear, definitely.  A trend of the moment?  I think so.  Love it or hate it?  Tell me what you think.

Photo credit:  FORWARD by elyse walker


  1. Shopping for a must have Mini right now!

  2. It goes with everything, casual or dressy, and the color is perfect. It is very comfortable to carry leather tote bags on my shoulder. does a great job!



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