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The Curator, Tastemaker, Style Influencer ...

November 27, 2012

The curator, tastemaker, style influencer, fashion ambassador and celebrity.  Call them as you like as they are changing the scene of online shopping.  There are so many new ways to shop nowadays with new online fashion shopping sites emerging left and right. Exciting as it is, I see one consistent trend: the use of curators (or insert any of the above titles) in recommending products. Marketing research has shown that we as consumers like recommendations from people we know and/or admire and are more inclined to shop these suggestions.  So is the curator the new online marketing strategy of today as was the flash-sale of previous years?  I'll let you be the judge by presenting below four unique online websites that have adopted the curator-based business model.

AHAlife is an online discovery and shopping platform that offers unique handpicked products by the likes of Donna Karan, Daniel Boulud, Tina Brown and Tim Gunn.  Definitely some heavy hitters here!

The Coveteur offers a look into the closets of tastemakers, celebrities and fashion elite with the ability to actually shop pieces from their closets.  Right now Sophia Bush and Hugh Hefner are amongst the closets you can peruse and purchase.

Vaunte recently launched and is also offering up fashionable closets by redesigning the world of online luxury consignment shopping. It is currently by-invitation only with some of its members including fashion designer Lela Rose and fashion stylist Ann Caruso.

The Cools is a social network and an e-commerce site.  In addition to hosting brands, boutiques, bloggers (hint!) and individuals, its tastemakers include Erin Fetherston, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, Agyness Deyn and the granddaughters of skin-care legend Jacques Courtin-Clarins.


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